Wild Seed Project: Gardening for Habitat – Online Presentation

February 2, 2022

06:30 PM - 07:30 PM


How to balance beauty, wildlife value, and your garden workload

Gardens are habitats, but the degree to which they support local wildlife depends on how we plant and manage them. Our plant choices determine who visits, stays, or passes by as creatures look for food, shelter, to nest, and lay eggs. When and how we decide to clean up leaves or cut plants back affects life cycles of salamanders, bees, birds, moths, and butterflies. Learn how to create habitat in the garden year-round, while balancing your workload and garden aesthetics.

Co-sponsored by The Friends of Faneuil Library and The Brighton Garden Club. See their flyer here.

Email FriendsofFaneuil@gmail.com to receive the Zoom link.

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