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The LeafLet: The Basics of Nature-Based LandCare

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The LeafLet: The Basics of Nature Based Landcare is a free guide for both professionals and home gardeners available in English  and Spanish .

Toxin-Free Lawn & Landscape Manual & Resources for Professionals 

Toxin-Free Lawn and Landscape Manual 2015

Want more in-depth technical advice? Our Toxin-Free Lawn & Landscape Manual (PDF, 1.1MB) is a comprehensive guide for landscape professionals.

It was created in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension, with the support of the Long Island Sound Study and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

Read NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care 6th Edition  (PDF) this textbook is the basis for their Organic Land Care Accreditation Certification 

Read and download suggested, customizable PRFCT site protection specifications 

Read and download sample, customizable PRFCT RFP for bidding contracts

Perfect Earth Project Handouts

Are You PRFCT? (PDF, 563KB)
The bad news (too many dangerous chemicals are applied on American soil) and the good news (chemicals aren't necessary!) about synthetic landscape chemicals.

Do You Know What Is Going on Your Lawn? (PDF, 468KB)
The what, why, and how of maintaining a PRFCT lawn.

The PRFCT Lawn Basics Card (PDF, 131KB)
Our simple, four-step introduction to the PRFCT process. Includes PRFCT solutions to common lawn and landscape problems.

Perfect Earth Project Stat Sheet (PDF, 78KB)
A collection of facts and figures that highlight the dangers of synthetic landscape chemicals.

Earth Equity in Your Landscape (PDF, 99KB)

Other Resources

Toxic Fairways: Risking Groundwater Contamination From Pesticides on Long Island Golf Courses (PDF, 241KB) : Published by the Attorney General of New York State

Baywatch 2015: The Importance of Bayscaping on Long Island (PDF, 12.6MB) : Published by Perfect Earth Project and Peconic Baykeeper

National Pesticide Information Center - Oregon State University : Research on the effects of pesticide use and exposure

Beyond Pesticides : Works with allies in protecting public health and the environment to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides

Cornell Cooperative Extension : Links the research and extension efforts at Cornell University, the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station

Ecological Landscape Alliance : Excellent, informative website and newsletters on sustainable landscaping

National Audubon Society : Information on promoting wildlife habitats in your own yard

NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) : Offers comprehensive organic landscape courses and certification for professionals

Wild Ones : For those seeking lawn alternatives