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Wrap 'Em! Better Deer Defense

September 14, 2018

This is the time to protect your tree and shrub trunks from damaging deer rub. Instead of difficult and ugly plastic or metal wraps, we have a great alternative: Biodegradable jute or hemp -- heavy twine or thin rope.

Just wrap it around, barbershop pole style from about 4' high, down to near the ground. You can remove in spring or leave it to rot away.
Cheap, easy, stylish. Done.
But do it soon. The rubbing starts any day now.

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In the Fall deer rub their antlers on younger trees and can damage, disfigure and even kill them! Larger deer go after the bigger trees. The bark is literally stripped away. They start just after Labor Day, i.e., now! In one night they can really mess up a tree.
These marks are easy to spot in areas with high deer populations.
Deer have a habit of returning to the same trees, so protect them as soon as you can.
Instead of difficult and unattractive protection like plastic or chicken wire, try twine! It’s cheap and easy and if you don’t get around to taking it off in spring, let it rot.

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