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Slugging it out in the Garden

Something slimy slithering through your garden? Slug and snail season is back. These pests can often wreak havoc on lawns and landscapes. While a nuisance, the good news is they can easily be controlled with safe, non-toxic methods: 

  • Watering: Snails and slugs thrive in high humidity, damp conditions. Frequent watering, and areas of standing water, creates an ideal environment for slugs and snails. Deeper, infrequent watering make your lawn less hospitable for these pests. 
  • Shade: Slugs and snails love shaded areas to hide during the heat of the day. Eliminating shady spots makes your landscape less welcoming. 
  • Traps: Trapping with natural methods such as melon rind, sugar water, or beer can be effective in small areas. However, please note these methods require constant upkeep and removal of dead pests.
  • Baiting: Slug baits containing carbaryl or metaldehyde are highly toxic to children and pets! CHECK THE LABEL! Baits containing iron phosphate are safe to use around pets and children, pick them instead. Try baiting right after watering your garden, when snails and slugs are most active.


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We're talking about the future of #toxinfree lawns and landscapes on @localtveh #organicgardening #nopesticides

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Toxin-free: the future of lawns and landscape maintenance? Our president and founder Edwina von Gal and renowned landscape designer Darrel Morrison weighed in on the The Democratic View on Local TV, Inc. Check out the interview here:

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Left over Thanksgiving scraps? Sounds like the PRFCT opportunity to make compost.

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Every chemical you put on your lawn ends up in our waterways. Over 100 pesticides found in Long Island, NY drinking water aquifer, including the active ingredients in pesticides Weed-B-Gon®, Sevin®, and Bayer Advanced Grub Control.

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Interested in lawn alternatives? We're beginning work on our buffer zone program today. This East Hampton property located in the Georgica Pond watershed will serve as a model property for growing buffer zones. Stay tuned for updates.

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