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Lawn mushroom

Lawn Mushrooms: Should You Worry?

Does your lawn seem to turn into a mushroom patch overnight?

That's OK! Mushrooms generally do not indicate poor lawn health and will not damage your lawn. Typically, they are the fruiting bodies of beneficial soil fungi that sprout after a rainfall.

Don't want them? Knock them over with a rake or broom and wait for the sun to return.

If it hasn't been raining, those mushrooms may be caused by over watering or poor drainage. Remember our tip about watering seldom, watering deep?

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Third PRFCT! Biennial Benefit
September 3, 2016
03:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Cindy Sherman's house in Springs

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How can you tell Paul Wagner is a toxin-free lawn expert? Because he has not one, but TWO, Leif stickers on his truck! Bring your lawn and landscape questions to Paul this and every Wednesday afternoon from 2-5pm at Bridge Gardens (36 Mitchell Lane, Bridgehampton). Greener Pastures Organics Peconic Land Trust

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Some great toxin-free landscapes featured in this article. Can you identify the toxin-free grassland in the aerial shot?

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RT @Hamptons: :@edwinavongal A Landscape Designer Hoping For A Perfect Earth #HeresWhosHere @prfctearth #Hamptons

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