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Promoting nature-based, toxic-free land care practices for the health of people, their pets, and the planet.

PRFCT Practices

PRFCT Practices are the foundation of Perfect Earth’s programs. Rooted in science and horticulturally tested, these methods, which address sustainability, biodiversity, beauty, resilience, health, and engagement, are the nature-based tools and solutions designed to transform the damaging conventional methods that have long dominated landscaping. Our practices are peer reviewed, regularly updated, and growing. Our catalog of resources for homeowners and professionals is always expanding.

What is PRFCT?
We’re redefining what it means to be perfect in the garden. To be PRFCT is to work with (not against) nature toward an ideal that’s toxic-free, biodiverse, and beautiful. . . .

Lawn Basics
Everything you wanted to know about how to care for your lawn the Perfect Earth way.

Clover Lawn

Maintain biomass and close the food loop.

Compost Tea
Make this soil enhancement.

Hire a Nature-Based Gardener or Landscaper
We’ve put together guidelines and a checklist to help you hire a gardener or landscaper. Download it here.

Bluets (Houstonia caerulea)