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Compost Tea: The Recipe

Compost tea is an easy way to add microbes to your soil.

Fill a cloth “tea” bag with

2 cups compost (use a blend of 2-3 different kinds)

1⁄4 cup simple sugar (cane sugar, honey, molasses, or agave)

1 Tbsp sea kelp or hydrolyzed fish

1 Tbsp of Humate/Humic acid

Add the tea bag to a bucket filled with 5 gallons of rainwater (or tap water that has been left out overnight to dechlorinate).

Use an aquarium air pump to aerate.

Brew for about 24-36 hours.

Your tea is ready to use when you see a ring of bioslime around the edge of your container and a brownish foam on top. (It should smell earthy, not foul.) Use the liquid to water plants and as a foliar spray.