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Promoting nature-based, toxic-free land care practices for the health of people, their pets, and the planet.

Pathways to PRFCT

Pathways to PRFCT is our partnership program with public gardens and parks throughout the U.S. Working with this network of diverse, responsibly managed landscapes, Perfect Earth and our partners share and exchange knowledge of PRFCT Practices, while drawing the public into beautiful, healthy, and biodiverse green spaces where these practices are being applied. Our Pathways to PRFCT Partners include:

The Bosque at The Battery

The Battery

The thriving green heart of downtown New York City, The Battery is a model of conservation and biodiversity with vast public gardens, organic urban farms, and toxic-free lawns.

  • Read an interview with Warrie Price, The Battery Conservancy founder and president.
  • Discover the buzz on native bees at The Battery.
  • Find out how The Battery cuts back its perennials here.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85‐acre sustainable waterfront park stretching 1.3 miles along Brooklyn’s East River shoreline, is a leading example of ecological horticulture practices that support and promote biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

  • Read an interview with Rashid Poulson, Brooklyn Bridge Park’s director of horticulture.
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Green-wood’s urban grassland initiative focuses on 403 acres of turf grass. Photo by Art Presson.

Green-Wood Cemetery

A world-renowned arboretum in Brooklyn, NY, Green-Wood Cemetery features a dynamic living collection of trees and shrubs. Their collection continues to grow—each new planting is selected for its climate adaptiveness, wildlife value, enhancement of the beauty of the landscape, and resilience.

LongHouse Reserve

LongHouse Reserve is a 16-acre integrated environment in East Hampton, NY, created by artist, collector, and world-renowned textile designer and weaver Jack Lenor Larsen. (Photo by Philippe Cheng)

  • Discover how LongHouse is reaffirming and energizing its commitment to embrace nature-based practices here.
LongHouse pond by Philippe Cheng
Madoo gazebo


Created in 1967 by the late artist, gardener, and writer Robert Dash in the village of Sagaponack, NY, Madoo is an ever-changing, horticulturally diverse, and entirely organic garden that is a living tribute to the artistic imagination of its founder.

  • Read more about Madoo’s approach to sustainability here.


Located in Garrison, NY, Manitoga is the former home and 75-acre woodland garden of American industrial designer Russel Wright (1904-1976) and his family. Manitoga is a National Historic Landmark, an Affiliate Site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and one of the few 20th century modern homes with original landscape open to the public. (Photo by Rick Darke)

A photo of Manitoga garden in Garrison, NY, featuring evergreen and white flowering trees, mosses, and a pool of water surrounded by rocks.
Hilltop Hanover Farm and goldenrod

Westchester County Parks Department

Wethersfield Estate and Garden

Nestled in 1000 acres of rolling hills in Amenia, NY, Wethersfield Estate and Garden the estate features an elegant Italianate garden with more than 20 miles of trails and over 400 acres of woodlands. (Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo)

  • Read more about how conservation has been at the heart of the estate since it was founded more than 80 years ago here.
Wethersfield Garden by Ngoc Minh Ngo