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Promoting nature-based, toxic-free land care practices for the health of people, their pets, and the planet.

March 2024

  • Manitoga: An American Treasure

    Manitoga: An American Treasure

    “I am more interested in nature than any other subject,” says Russel Wright, the influential mid-century industrial designer, who believed that good design was for everyone and created the best-selling dinnerware line in U.S. history. He channeled his passion for nature into Manitoga . . .

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  • Wear Weirdness on Your Sleeve

    Wear Weirdness on Your Sleeve

    On a recent Friday afternoon, I arrived at Chanticleer Garden feeling weighed down by a sense of bleakness about the world. Although I’d vowed to read the news for only ten minutes, even that left me with a heaviness I couldn’t shake. Two hours later, after hearing Chanticleer horticulturist Tim Erdmann speak of how art…

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