9 / 2023

Garden Futures Summit

The Garden Conservancy Garden Futures Summit: How Gardens are Changing the Future
September 29, 2023
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
New York Botanical Garden

The inaugural Garden Futures Summit is a two-day event that aims to sustain the remarkable passion and interest in gardening today by presenting a selection of the most exciting ideas shaping the future of gardens and society at large. The Summit will focus on three essential topics within contemporary gardening: environment, community, and culture.

On the Summit’s first day, to be held in person at the New York Botanical Garden’s Ross Lecture Hall, each of the three topics—environment, community, and culture—will form the subject of a session chaired by an expert in the field. More than a dozen influential voices from across the gardening world will participate in the sessions. They will discuss the extraordinary potential of gardens and gardening to improve our physical, cultural, and emotional health and well-being. The keynote address will be given by Lady Isabella Tree on “The Book of Wilding – A Practical Guide to Rewilding Big and Small.”

On the second day of the Summit, attendees will be treated to exclusive experiences at both private and public gardens throughout New York City and the greater metropolitan area that embody the forward-thinking and transformative potential in gardens today. Tours will be announced later this summer.

The breadth of speakers at the Summit and the combination of talks and tours will be of interest to all gardeners, designers, architects, and students who are passionate about gardens and their enormous potential in society.

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