The Native Plant Center's Spring Conference | Designing with Native Plants: How the Pros Select Plants

Edwina von Gal

March 11, 2024

08:30 AM - 01:00 PM

SUNY Westchester Community College

Don't miss Edwina's talk at the Native Plant Center's Spring Conference:

The Path to PRFCT
Landowners have cut and sprayed their landscapes into human ideals of perfection, harming the earth and themselves. Now facing massive biodiversity loss and health crises, we need to embrace change together. You can have a beautiful—and immensely rewarding— garden without toxic practices. Learn how to re-envision your garden with Perfect Earth’s approach in finding the Path to PRFCT.

She joins Andi Pettis, Carolyn Summers, and Darryl Newman. Learn more about the conference here.

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