Building Community with Native Plants—For Urban, Suburban, and Rural Landscapes

Toshi Yano

March 2, 2024

09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Ocean County Community College, Toms River, NJ

Catch Toshi at the Native Plant of New Jersey’s spring conference:

Making Natives Pop: Cues to Care and Best Practices
The value of native plants is clear to so many of us who garden and manage land, but there’s a lingering stereotype about native landscapes—that they’re messy, unkempt, disorganized spaces that look more derelict than desirable. While the wild native garden aesthetic may take time to catch on, in the meantime there are simple things native gardeners can do to make natives appealing to their friends, neighbors, and communities. Drawing from his experience as an estate gardener and public horticulture leader, Toshi Yano will share the practices that helped him create exuberant plantings and “legible” spaces while still maintaining the kind of tidy presentation that homeowner associations expect when they use terms like “curb appeal.”

Toshi joins experts Sarah F. Jayne and Mariellé Anzelone.

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