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Promoting nature-based, toxic-free land care practices for the health of people, their pets, and the planet.

PRFCT Transformations: Grace’s Story

Landscape designer and mom of two little girls, Grace Fuller Marroquin knows the power of connecting with a landscape. A childhood spent planting in the garden with her mom and playing in the dirt inspired her to bring this deep love to her work with clients. When she begins a project, the first questions she asks are: What does natural beauty mean to you? What makes you nostalgic about nature or gardening? “Being in a landscape evokes emotions,” she says. “I want to capture that in my designs.”

Grace looks to nature and its processes to manage her landscapes toxic-free. “Most people want to live in a healthy environment,” she says. “Nature-based gardening is cleaner and healthier, not only for us, but for the ecosystem. I don’t know how we can exist much longer without practicing these methods, which are very straightforward and extremely simple to follow once you make the change.”

“Now that I’m a mom, I’m trying to provide the best experiences with nature that I can for my children,” says Grace. “They crave it.” Her girls love collecting acorns and making fairy houses outside. “I keep finding snails and worms in my three-year-old’s pockets. They’re her buddies,” she says. “It’s absolutely necessary to get back to our roots, spend time connecting with nature—and to do it safely without toxic chemicals.”