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Nature-Based Gardening

Founded in 2013 by Edwina von Gal, Perfect Earth Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, engaging, and inspiring individuals, land care professionals, and decision makers to adopt toxic-free, nature-based, and climate-responsible landscaping practices necessary for a healthier, more sustainable—and beautiful—environment for all.

The core of our mission is nature-based land care, which means working with nature and its beauty, not against it. When we use these simple methods, our gardens become a feast for the senses, hosting a healthy and vibrant ecosystem that is safe for us, our kids, and our pets.

To learn how to make your garden thrive using nature-based practices, download our latest publication, Nature-Based Gardening, for an easy-to-follow, 12-step actionable guide that’s packed with resources and inspiration. Nature-based gardening is easy to do and ever so rewarding.

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Once you download the workbook, you will notice QR Codes throughout the text that link to the additional references below.

QR Code References

Page 6. Neonicotinoides Sidebar

Page 11. Native Plants

Page 11. Ecoregion Sidebar

Page 12. Invasives In Your Area Box

Page 14. Noxious Weeds Box

Page 15. Soil Testing Sidebar

Page 18. Soft Landings Box

Page 20. Watering Trees Box

Page 29. Pollinator/Bird-Friendly Box

Page 30. Pollinator Garden Box

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