Living Lands

Living Lands

PRFCT landscapes are safe, healthy, beautiful—and good for the planet. We all want to do more for the environment, but we know how difficult it is for homeowners to find the help and advice they need. Perfect Earth’s new Living Lands program is about to change that.

We will be providing individualized coaching and education for landowners, landscape designers, and maintenance professionals to ensure successful transitions from conventional, toxic methods to nature-based practices.

A nationwide program, Living Lands will begin on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley. We’re thrilled to announce that Peconic Land Trust will be our first major partner, focusing on the vital Georgica and Sagg Pond watersheds on Eastern Long Island. Together, we will work with homeowners and their landscape teams to create individualized land care programs and engage their full interest and long-term commitment to their PRFCT places.

When you convert to nature-based practices, you’ll be amazed at how your landscape transforms: Walk barefoot in a PRFCT lawn, listen to the trill of warblers, watch swallowtail butterflies flutter from flower to flower. Suddenly, a whole new world reveals itself—one that’s safe, ever-evolving, and endlessly magical.

Goals of the Living Lands program will include:

  • Improve groundwater and local waterways by reducing harmful fertilizer and pesticide runoff.
  • Improve human and pet health by reducing harmful pesticide exposure.
  • Teach landowners, landscape designers, gardeners, and landscapers about the steps they can take to encourage a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem—and in the process, create places of wonder and beauty. 
  • Share success stories with the goal of inspiring more residents to convert their properties to nature-based Living Lands.
  • Educate and encourage landscapers to provide PRFCT services and inspire environmentally minded individuals to consider careers in nature-based land care.
  • Produce materials for homeowners, decision makers, students, and for media presentations and workshops.

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