Green Johanna Hot Composter


The Green Johanna is the premiere insulated compost bin. Edwina swears by it! The insulated design, which helps generate high levels of heat, coupled with the innovative ventilation system ensures that virtually all kitchen scraps are decomposed.
Designed and developed in Sweden, it can be used year-round, even in cold climates if you use the winter insulation jacket. It’s also vermin-resistant and family-friendly.

  • Works faster than similarly sized units
  • Patented ventilation system provides ample oxygen to pile
  • Rodent- and critter-resistant design
  • Easy to mix from the top opening using a standard pile turner (included)
  • Finished compost is accessible via the two bottom doors
  • Adjustable vents control airflow through the system by a simple turning of the lid
  • Vents also assist in regulating temperature and moisture
  • Base plate slits (4.5 mm) allow beneficial macro-organisms to freely enter and exit
  • Conical shape helps with passive air flow and settling of contents
  • The insulation jacket (optional) is highly recommended for regions that experience cold winters
  • Diverts 260+ lbs of food scraps from the landfill annually

Size Dimensions
37.5” tall
Diameter: 31.5” at base and 21” at top

11.5 cubic feet / 87 gallons / 330 liters
Unit (with jacket – optional item, see below) will operate down to -10˚ F

24 lbs empty

1 complete unit
1 compost pile turner

*Winter Jacket is optional (not included with the base model) and recommended for cold areas. Additional $65, plus $3 shipping. Please inquire if interested.

**Please note that additional shipping costs may apply outside of the East Coast.



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